Tuesday, August 28, 2012

8/28/12 Chest/Back/Cardio

1 Scoop Juggernaut HP

1 scoop carno-cre

All Push-Ups and Pull-Ups were done with a 15lb weight vest for all circuits!

Standard Push Ups - Round 1: 50 reps, Round 2: 27, Round 3: 25
Wide Pull Ups - 8 reps
Military Push Ups - 16 reps
Pull Ups - 12 reps

Wide Fly Push Ups - 20 Reps
Close grip pull ups - 12 reps
Inclined Push Ups - 12 reps
Double DB Rows - 16 reps 40lbs

Diamond push ups - 16 reps
1 arm DB rows - 60lbs 16 reps
Downward dog push ups - 8 reps
Bent over flyes - 20lbs 16 reps


Did This Circuit 3 Times

20 Minutes HIIT

Great workout. I increased to 15lbs. Though it did feel great with the added 5lbs, I think I may stick with 10lbs for a few more weeks. Just to make sure I'm keeping good form since some of the reps were a little off. But overall it was awesome! Yesterday I weighed 165.2 coming off a high carb day Sunday and this morning I'm coming off a low carb (less than 50g) day and I weigh 163.1. Pretty crazy!

1c Almond Milk
1 Scoop Infinite Labs 100% Whey
1 Scoop BCAA

4 Egg White
1.5oz Ground Turkey

1 1/2c Chicken Breast
Light Ketchup

4 Egg White
1.5oz Ground Turkey


1.5c Chicken Breast
Salad w/ Croutons, Sunflower Seeds, ect
2 Egg Whites
Fat Free Dressing

Tuesday PM:

2 Mile Jog

My legs were so beat after the jog I skipped the burpees. I did this because I need to let my legs rest the remainder of the week and just take it light on them until Saturday. Saturday is my RUN FOR YOUR LIVES course race! YEAH!

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