Sunday, August 5, 2012

New Diet - Carb Cycling

I figure since I will be doing more cardio like running and the like I should start to eat more carbs but I also wanted to stay decently lean and build some muscle in the process. So I did a little research and decided to give Carb Cycling a go.

So, What is Carb Cycling? It is what is it. You cycle your carbs or calories basically. So for instance you would have 1 day High Carbs, 1 day Low Carbs and 1 Day no Carbs. Don't get me wrong there are many varitions out there on how you should do Carb Cycling (ie: Low, Low, Low, High or Low, High, None..ect,ect.) So, It really depends on you on what version you want to try.

I do recommend putting the High Carb days on your most stressful workout days. For me my two most stressful days are easily the weekends, Saturday (Chest/Back/Jogging AM and Jogging PM) and Sunday (Shoudlers/Arms/Jogging and Abs/Jog PM). So, what Im going to do is put Saturday as a High Carb day and Sunday a Moderate Carb day since I really tax my body those days the most.

My plan currently looks like this and I will probably be making changes to it as time goes on to see how my body reacts and adjust to it.

Sunday: Moderate- 150-200g Carb goal
Hard to judge cause I may eat out for lunch and dinners always change but I'm going to shoot for:
70g Fat
150g Carb
200g Protein

Monday: Low/None - 0-50g Carb Goal71g Fat
38g Carb
219g Protein

Tuesday: Low/None - 0-50g Carb GoalRepeat of Mondays diet for the most part

Wednesday - Low Carb- 100-150g Carb Goal
70g Fat
142g Carbs
234g Protein

Thursday: Low/None 0-50g Carb GoalRepeat of Mondays diet for the most part

Friday: Low Carb 100-150g Carb GoalUsually this day I eat out in the evening so its hard to judge on the overall. I will try to hit my goals and not go over them.

Saturday: High - 250-300g Carb Goal
Hard to judge this day as well for the same reasons as Sunday since I never know. I'll shoot for.
70g Fat
250g Carb
220g Protein

Friday, Saturday and Sunday will happen on the fly but I will know for the most part what I'm eating before the day comes, its just it is always changing so yeah :). My goal is always to hit atleast 200g of protein though each day, more so on the days without carbs. Those days are to help shock the body for sure.

This is my plan for Carb Cycling and Hopefully it works out for me. Today is my 2nd day on it and So far I like it. Its nice to eat some of these carbs I've been neglecting for a year.

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