Thursday, July 19, 2012

7/19/12 Evening Workout

Burpee/Pull Ups -10 minutes straight

1 Burpee/1 Pull Up
2 Burpee/2 Pull Up
3 Burpee/3 Pull Up
4 Burpee/4 Pull Up
5 Burpee/5 Pull Up
6 Burpee/6 Pull Up
7 Burpee/7 Pull Up
8 Burpee/8 Pull Up
9 Burpee/9 Pull Up
10 Burpee/10 Pull Up
11 Burpee/11 Pull Up
12 Burpee/12 Pull Up
13 Burpee/13 Pull Up
14 Burpee/14 Pull Up

105 Burpees and Pull Ups Total

1 Minute Break

Bench Jump/Push Up - 10 Minutes Straight

1 Bench Jump/1 Push Up
2 Bench Jump/2 Push Up
3 Bench Jump/3 Push Up
4 Bench Jump/4 Push Up
5 Bench Jump/5 Push Up
6 Bench Jump/6 Push Up
7 Bench Jump/7 Push Up
8 Bench Jump/8 Push Up
9 Bench Jump/9 Push Up
10 Bench Jump/10 Push Up
11 Bench Jump/11 Push Up
12 Bench Jump/12 Push Up

78 Bench Jumps and Push Ups total

1 Minute Break

30 Mountain Climbers/50 Jumping Jacks

Repeated 7 Times in 10 Minutes

210 Mountain Climbers and 350 Jumping Jacks Total

Great workout tonight. Needless to say I was drenched in sweat for working pretty hard in 30 minutes. No supplements for this workout. I was going to go jog tonight but it looked like it was about to rain so I opted not to. Next jog though should be Saturday morning as long as there is no rain!

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