Friday, July 27, 2012

New Treadmill

Well I pulled the trigger on a treadmill!

I ended up getting the Lifespan TR5000i!

I initially emailed Lifespan about the TR4000i model and I got a quick response back from Brant at Lifespan and based on my information I gave him he said the 3000i would be good for my needs but since I'd be using it a lot he'd suggest the 4000i. However it was backordered he said and offered me a FREE UPGRADE to the Lifespand TR5000i model at the 4000i price. He even gave me a discount on the treadmill mat and lubrication starter kit. He gave me his direct number and extension to reach him if I was interested in ordering.

I was in awe!

He seemed like a great guy and was very helpful. Much more helpful than any of the other companies I talked to about treadmills. Some of the dealers even really over charged me by $1000 on the models I could get directly from the manufactor for much less.

Needless to say I called Brant the following day, today, and got him directly. He got my information and showed interest in my training for the obstacle courses and actually asked me questions about it and we even talked a bit about American Ninja Warrior. Which was awesome. Lifespan definitely gave a great customer experience.

I will post up a review and some pics of it once I recieve it. I'm rather excited!

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