Tuesday, July 24, 2012

New Weight Vest

Well I was looking at www.weightvest.com for a good weight vest to jog in since mine isn't the greatest for it. I noticed they had a trade in program where you can trade in your old vest for a nice discount on one of their vests.

So, I contacted them and a few hours later they got in touch with me with the details and we exchanged emails back and forth. They were very timely on their responses too which who doesn't like speedy replies. The next day my old vest was packed (without the weights) into a box and sent out. They got it Monday and gave me a call this afternoon, Tuesday, I missed the call and had to call them back and they were very nice and the discount on the vest was rather awesome I must say.

Check out the video:

Needless to say I ordered a nice Black V-Force 40lb Short Narrow vest. It will be here in 7-8 days the guy said and I will put up a review and my overall thoughts once I get it. I'm rather excited!

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