Sunday, July 29, 2012

My Equipment

I figured I'd give a little information of all the equipment I have at my use.

First off is the Bowflex Select Tech 52.5lbs Dumbbells.

 I got these like 7 years ago and they are still holding up good. I like the adjustments in them for quick paced workouts cause I like to move fast and super set. You can definitely tell they are starting to show there age. They are starting to "squeek and creek" a little but overall they do great and still holding up good.

Bowflex Bench.

I got this free with my Bowflex Select Tech Dumbbells. I use it a lot and its been great. I wish it had more angles but I'm very happy with it. I also use this for bench jumps and steps up so I'm getting great use out this bench.

Iron Master Dumbbells.

I got theses about 7-8 months ago. I like these cause they go up to 70lbs. Thats the reason why I got them because I wanted to be able to keep progressing in Bench Presses and other exercises. They are great to have. I use my Bowflex more just because they are much, much faster to change weights and keep going. So I tend to use these more for my heaviers moves like Benching and some Leg workouts. It also came with the Ironmaster Stand free and its great. It has a shelf and a bottom stand as well. I put the Kettebell on the bottom and spare weights on the upper shelf with my Push Up Bars.

Iron Master Kettlebell.

I got this a few months ago. It is 22.5lbs standard. I got this because I can use my Iron Master plates and Lock Screws just like I can with the Dumbbells. This offers me more variety with my workouts. I use this every week as well. I'm glad I got it. I like doing Kettlebell workouts and using it for Triceps and leg work. Sometimes I use it for push ups. I do wish I had 2 though so I can do Push Ups to Rows or Renegade Push Ups.

Pull Up Bar.

I got this 2 years ago and its holding up great. Ordered it on Amazon. It was the only had I found at the time that offered many grips and could fit into a 36" wide doorway since I live in a Handi-Cap Accessible apartment.

Perfect Push Up Bars.

I got these 2-3 years ago for Christmas. I never really used them until I got my apartment and started doing P90X and man these are nice to have. I dont really use the Turning I just keep them stable and just pount out those push ups with them. The extra depth is really nice and gives me motion and a stretch.

Everlast Punching Bag.

I got this 5 years ago and finally just started using this year cause I had room to in my apartment. Its a nice way to change up the cardio I think. Variety is the spice of life!

V-Force 40lb Weight Vest.

This isn't here yet but it is in the mail coming! I got this for wearing while running, push ups, pull ups, leg work and whatever else. Burpees too! Wowee! I feel this will definitely get its uses and be worth its weight in gold.

LifeSpan TR5000i Treadmill.

Same as the vest. It will be here within the week. Treadmill will definitely allow me to do more running and I feel that will be very, very essential to my training. I'll have a review up of this once I get it.

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