Tuesday, July 17, 2012

So, Here it is...My start to my first Spartan Race Trifecta...

A little about myself...

I've been working out for about 5 years now and love the results I have accomplished so far. However, I feel I need more. I want more satisfaction. I want the sense of accomplishment that all this training I'm doing is for something, for a goal. Not just for overall health, I want to work towards something. It wasn't always like that, I used to be over weight and extremely out of shape. Luckily I turned things around and found something I enjoy.

This year I stumbled upon the Warrior Dash on a bodybuilding forum that I go to often. I checked it out and signed up for the Warrior Dash. I did that in June 2012 and loved the experience. I also signed up for Run For Your Lives (doing that in September) and the Spartan Sprint and just recently finished that. That was a insane challenge. It showed me where my weaknesses are and what I'm truly capable of.

The day after the Sprint I was sore. I felt like I truly accomplished something that I know what I want to do train for now. I immediately signed up for 2013 Spartan Sprint in my home State for the Elite heat! Yes, The Elite heat. Minutes later, I decided you know I have all year to train for this lets go all out and go for the big one. The Trifecta.

I have full faith in myself that I can conquer these 3 demanding races. My first Sprint was enjoyable and so challenging. However I liked the challenge and the adventure it gave me. Just the overall accomplishment. I never did any sports in High School or earned any trophys or medals. Once I felt them put the medal around my neck I knew I earned it. I knew this is something I want to continue to do.

So, Here I'am trying for The Trifecta...

My events I plan on attending are...

Spartan Sprint in Pennsylvania
Super Spartan in Tri-State
Spartan Beast in Vermont

Those are the 3 closest of each event to me so why not right? The only down side is the Super Spartan and Spartan Beast are only 2 weeks apart, assuming they keep the same 2012 schedule for 2013.

I will be posting up my progress, my workouts, my diets and everything else I can.

I look forward to meeting you and hearing your feedback!


  1. How did your races go?? I just did the Spartan Sprint in Malibu yesterday. I want to get the Trifecta now, but need to get in better shape for the Super and Beast.

    1. Na you're good. I did the beast without training and finished it. It's not too bad as long as you take your time.